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GTC India Has The Solution For Your Controls Systems

As the performance-tested controls pioneer, GTC India promises to deliver unrivaled value powered by industrial-strength service. These services include, but are not limited to:

Speedtronic Mark II | Speedtronic Mark IV | Speedtronic Mark V | Speedtronic Mark VI
Speedtronic Mark VIe | EX2000 | EX2100 | EX2100e | LCI

Control Panel Health Check

GTC India offers operators a control panel health check for their Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI and Marl VIe TCP. This consists of a 2-day per unit site visit where an experienced GTC engineer oversees a detailed assessment of your control panel’s health and condition keeping in mind your specific needs and concerns.

Immediate resolution will always be our preferred option for any discovered issues. Otherwise, GTC India will collaborate with you to outline a path, program and schedule to resolve the issue. When complete, you will receive a report listing our recommendations and suggestions for optimizing and enhancing the health of your control panel.

Typical Onsite Activities

  • Alarm Clearing, Control Constants Check, Unnecessary Files Purge
  • Long standing minor issues resolved, minor sequencing modifications, TIL review
  • LVDT and other calibrations, if required and possible
  • Stock of spares review, critical spares identified and recommended

By FSE with Site support :
  • DC Power Supply, Battery System review. Note: by E&E FSE when combined with Exciter/LCI Health Check
  • Cleanliness/Cooling review
  • Junction box and terminal review

Mark IV & Mark V

Over time, EPROMS eventually fail or get damaged through a combination of sub-optimal environmental conditions and regular handling. For this reason, we recommend our EPROM backup service for your Mark IV and Mark V.

While site specific EPROM sets are difficult to access through OEMs, GTC India offers our EPROM backup service a low-cost alternative that mitigates the risk of extended unplanned outages and expenses. This prevents operators from feeling pressured to upgrade their panel when there is a failure or accident while transferring a new card. In other words, it’s a safety net.

With proper procedures, safety protocols, customer personnel escort and witnessing, our technician will:
  1. Witness the Speedtronic panel shutdown by customer personnel, to confirm good working condition before shutdown
  3. Remove, Backup and Reinstall the EPROMs
  5. Witness the Speedtronic panel power up by customer personnel, to confirm successful power up in good working condition
Our EPROM backup service is handled by an experienced GTC India repair technician who will perform a detailed survey of your panel EPROMs. This is estimated to take 2-days per panel onsite, and the Speedtronic panel must be shut down and powered up by customer personnel.
  • On-the-Job Training - Training of customer personnel regarding the removal and installation of EPROMs only
  • Second Visit by Technician - If physical backup sets are purchased, consider a second visit by our technician to test the backup EPROMS in the panel

GTC India includes consultancy services for turbine operators which cover:

  • Upgrade Options
  • Turbine Controls, BOP, Excitation, Etc.
  • How to Make Current Control Installations More Efficient
  • Propose Proceedings for Performance and Output Improvements
  • Commissioning Services
Replacement-In-Kind or Repair/Refurbishment for Mark V (I), HMI, Mark VI HMI

Our replacement-in-kind (RIK) products for Speedtronic Mark V & Mark VI HMI are built with industrial quality specifications to respect your current hardware configuration for “plug and play” performance. We also offer repair and refurbishment options where the replacement components are designed to match the original specifications for full compatibility.

Required Customer Information

All files in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) are required to be supplied with an RIK Purchase Order to ensure the correct Site Specific configuration. If this isn’t possible, you may provide a ghost image of the HDD instead. ACRONIS, GHOST are acceptable ghost images. In the event that your HDD is damaged, we’ll do our best to recover the files, but this process cannot be guaranteed. Otherwise, we’ll give you guidance on ways to recover the Site Specific files from your Mark V or Mark VI.